Are you looking for a new Xbox One X?


NewEgg’s eBay page has rolled out a new offer for Xbox One X where you can get the 1 TB system, an extra wireless controller, and copies of Grand Theft Auto V and Destiny 2 for $500, which is available at SlickDeals.

That’s the standard price of the system, so you’re getting two pretty great games and a controller for nothing extra. It is one of the better deals we’ve ever seen on an Xbox One X.

According to the listing, there are only a “limited number” of bundles available. So, if you’re interested you may want to act quickly. One note to consider is that this offer is only available in the United States, so those in the other markets are out of luck this time.

As for the included games, GTA V and Destiny 2 continue to get new updates. People were expecting for Destiny 2, considering it came out late last year. GTA V, and GTA Online, has been immensely popular so Rockstar has kept putting out new content for it on almost a weekly basis.

We have seen quite a few Xbox One X deals since the console launched last November. So if you miss out on this one or live in a different part of a world, there may soon be another deal that pops up. Keep checking back with GameSpot for all the latest game deals.


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