Half-Life: Alyx

Today November 19, marks the 21st anniversary of original Half-Life Game, and now its official that Valve has confirmed the realease of Half-Life: Alyx a VR Flagship. It will be revealed to the world at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on November 21. Its very odd to see that a tweet comes from a New Twitter Account that was created in June 2019 instead of the most known Steam Twitter Feed.
We are confident that the tweet is legit as this is a verified Twitter account and has been retweeted by few Valve folks.

According to the recent transcripts of leaked interview Half-Life: Alyx will be shown at The Game Awards on December 12.

It’s been clear that the game is built for VR, and by the name of the game “Half-Life: Alyx” the main role will be of Alyx Vance. Alynx Vance had played a central role in the events of Half-Life Episode 2, and has a score to settle after its end.


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