As we discussed in the last article that Rockstar announced Red Dead Online a care package for those who suffered theri gameplay because of the issues in the games launcher. Red Dead Online has been out of public beta tryouts into the full release. With the release on PC we are expecting a marginal growth in new players into Rockstar’s Online Western World. To keep the experience of the game fresh, Rockstar had been dropping regular updates to the Multiplayer side of the game including some spooky additions to keep it in with the Halloween Season and the weekly Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties to make in the side missions. Blend this in with the entirety of the typical hunting, exploring, daily challenges, and more that we’re as of now acclimated with, and there’s no danger of coming up short on things for your cowpoke to do.

Considering all of that, you can quickly get lost with so many activities while choosing from – usual collection of stacks of dollars to upgrade your gears or ranking up to a certain level to unlock the desired items and live your best life. That’s why I’m here to share everything you need to know about the Rockstar’s Online Western World including knowledge and experience in Red Dead Online with you. Hop on your horse then hit the ol’ dusty trail, partner, and we’ll get started…

Red Dead Online – Patch notes

(image by Rockstar Games)

Rockstar is constantly trying to keep Red Dead Online’s world interesting with the regular updates. If you want to know the latest updates, then follow us and we will keep you posted with the patch notes.

Red Dead Online – Tips

We’ve now had some time to get to grips with Red Dead Online, but many players will still be trying their best to get used to how the game’s systems work in the online setting. If you’re looking for the advice on the best horse to choose, how to avoid enemy fire, and much much more, then take a look at our Red Dead Online tips to know before you play.

Red Dead Online – Roles

(image by Rockstar Games)

With the Frontier Pursuits Update, players now have a choice to follow and develop their characters along a unique path with Red Dead Online Roles.

There are choices to become a Bounty Hunter, a Collector, or a Trader and we’ve got details about every benefits of these roles. We have a separate guide too for Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location to be tracked down with the role of a Collector.

Red Dead Online – XP Fast Earning

(image by Rockstar Games)

As the process of earning is always important in any game, Red Dead Online too have its importance. As one’s character level determines what horses, weapons and even items you have access to. Like most online games, there are always multiple ways to earn XP, but some are efficient and effective that can lead to fast earning – we’ll outline these for you in Red Dead Online XP earning guide.

Red Dead Online – Making Money Fast

(image by Rockstar Games)

Like real world, money makes the world go round in Red Dead Online too! If you want to buy new weapons, high level items and upgrades, then you must have money to back it up and with current economic conditions in game it is very difficult to do so. We’ve tried our best to provide you the strategies to make make money fast in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online – Best weapons

(image by Rockstar Games)

If you’re going to hold your name in those online gunfights, you need to have right weapons for the job. A Bolt-Action rifle from Litchfield Repeater is a good choice, if you don’t know about it, then you should check our guide on Red Dead Online Weapons.

Red Dead Online – Best Horses

In the game, players spend a lot of time riding around, and having the best ride can make all the differences if you’re trying to escape a bloodthirsty posse snapping at your heels or chase down a wagon convoy. We’ve got you covered, whether you reuire speed or sturdiness by picking the best horse in the situation under our guide Red Dead Online Best Horses.

Red Dead Online – Showdown series tips

(image by Rockstar Games)

You’ll probably know how difficult is to nail down a victory if you’ve been taking on the various competitive modes in the game’s Showdown Series such as Make It Count, Name Your Weapon, Hostile Territory or Most Wanted. We’ve got you covered on these in our guide Red Dead Online Showdown Series Tips.

Red Dead Online – Gang hideouts

(image by Rockstar Games)

Clearing out gang hideouts in the game will reward you with some treasure map foe your troubles, fast money and XP or both as well. In our guide Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts we’ll show you around 17 possible spots where gangs may spawn as well as to tackle them up.

Red Dead Online – Posse

(image by Rockstar Games)

They say doubles are always better than singles, so if you want to rule the Online West you must team up. Our guide will help you with setting up a posse, what different types of posse mean and what are their benefits in the Online West.

Red Dead Online – Easiest gold buckles

Red Dead Online got the same concept of Award System from single player Red Dead Redemption, containing impressive 425 awards to unlock, and 500 XP and gold buckles to customize your outfit will be rewarded on reaching each gold medal requirement. Some of these are much simpler than other, but our guide Red Dead Online Gold Buckles will help you with.

Red Dead Online – Switching morality

(image by Rockstar Games)

In the game the Honor System determines on the basis of your moral compass at the time what Free Roam or Co-operative missions you receive. If you’ve made some mistakes and want to overcome or change your morality our guide Red Dead Online Switching Morality will help you with.

Red Dead Online – Gold Bars

(image by Rockstar Games)

After success of GTA Online Shark Cards, we now have Red Dead Online Gold Bars available to purchase. These are the real purchases and allow players to jump ahead with their progressions and give access to coolest items quicker. At least, for now, it appears to be the extent of Red Dead Online Microtransactions. If the trend of GTA Online is set then there will be more upgrades in shape of bundles containing camp upgrade and more to appear in future.

Red Dead Online – Cameos

(image by Rockstar Games)

You’ll be running into familiar faces from the Red Dead Redemption World when you travel around, meet strangers and completing story missions. We will not go much deeper into this, but if you’re curious to know which Red Dead Online Cameos you will be meeting checkout our guide to the cameos.

Red Dead Online – Character creator

The character creation in the game is so much detailed that you can customize everything about your cowboy or cowgirl from the redness of eye to the sound of thier horse whistle. When setting up your character, keep in mind that you will have long association with your created Red Dead Online Character, so make sure you’re happy with their look before committing.

Red Dead Online – First mission

If you’ve not had the chance to try out Red Dead Online for yourself yet, we have complete footage of the very first mission above. What starts out as a simple delivery job quickly turns into a gang shootout, a treasure map hunt, and much more – we won’t say any more for now, but it’s all there if you want to watch. Red Dead Online promises to provide plenty of story-based missions, as well as all the hunting, foraging, and other free-roam activities you’ve come to expect from the single player experience.


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